PiLs Network Goes from Strength to Strength

Last night Microsoft announced a new set of tools and additions on the Partners in Learning Network. This is a major enhancement of an already wonderful resource for Teachers and School Leaders.

As we prepare for the Global Forum in Prague later this month, this is a welcomed and timely launch of resources that highlight the real value of the PiLs Network.

The 1st big addition is the Teaching with Technology curriculum.

Learn to integrate technology into teaching practices
Innovative teaching practices, supported by the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) strongly predict students’ acquisition of 21st century skills (Innovative Teaching and Learning Research 2011). The Microsoft Teaching with Technology curriculum supports educators’ professional development as they seek to integrate ICT into their teaching and learning.

Online learning designed to give you a deeper understanding of ICT
Created to help set a foundation beyond learning to use technology, educators will develop a deeper understanding of how ICT integration can enhance the teaching and learning experience and enable 21st century skill acquisition via six online learning courses:
Why promote technology literacy?
How technology and pedagogy mix
Organize and manage the use of ICT in the classroom
Selecting ICT resources to support curriculum outcomes
Using basic ICT tools to support teaching and learning
Technology literacy and your professional development
For more information on the Teaching with Technology curriculum, please indicate your primary responsibility:
Give your staff the support and training they need to use technology effectively, even on a tight budget.

Discover how technology can save you time and make learning more relevant and engaging for your students

The 2nd important addition is the “Earn Badges” Page“.

Earn badges for teacher and school leader professional development
We believe in anytime, anywhere learning. We also believe your achievements should be recognized so that you can share your accomplishments and knowledge with your colleagues and communities. That’s why the Partners in Learning Network awards badges for the skills and knowledge that are learned and shared through our online professional learning community, in our in-person events, and in school communities around the world

Member Designations

Partners in Learning Educator – Educator and member of the Partners in Learning Network.
Microsoft Innovative Educator – Educator who demonstrates innovative use of ICT in their teaching and learning practices.

School Designations & Badges
 Microsoft Partners in Learning School -School that has educators participating in the professional learning community, Partners in Learning Network.
Microsoft Pathfinder School -A school committed to developing a culture of innovation through participation in Partners in Learning for Schools.
Microsoft Mentor School – Demonstrated leadership in developing and implementing innovative practices and community leadership in Partners in Learning for Schools.
Partners in Learning School Research – School understands what education transformation means in practice for them and is measuring innovative teaching practices

Professional Learning Badges
 Partners in Learning Local Forum Participant –Educators share and get their learning activity evaluated online or at in-person events.
Partners in Learning Regional Forum Participant – By invitation, gives educators in a region the opportunity to network and share best practices.
Partners in Learning Global Forum Participant – By invitation, gives educators from regional events the opportunity to network and share best practices.
Teaching with Technology – Represents completion of all six Teaching with Technology courses.
Shout – Teachers and students develop learning activities that incorporate citizen science and social responsibility for global problem solving.

Training Partner Badges
 Microsoft Teacher Trainer – Awarded to graduates of a Partners in Learning Institute or Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) train the trainer event.

Be sure to see these great new additions and resources and make sure you share it with you staff and colleagues.

Updates on the Global Forum in Prague will begin next week!!

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