Getting Ready For Prague

It is only 5 days until we leave for the Partners in Learning Worldwide Global Forum in Prague. This year, once again, Ireland will be well represented from both the North and the South. Presented by Microsoft Partners in Learning, Global Forum 2012 celebrates educators who are transforming learning outcomes through technology and breakthrough thinking. It brings together Innovative Educators, Innovative Schools and Education Leaders from around the world. It could really be called the “Olympics of Education”. There will be educators from more than 80 countries sharing best practice, showcasing their amazing classroom work and building networks and relationships over the 4 days of the event.

Yesterday, John O’Dowd, the Minister for Education in Northern Ireland, met with David, me and Shane Laverty, Principal of Limavady HS, to see David’s entry and wish him luck at this year’s Forum. The Minister was extremely impressed by the level of skills and learning shown through the students’ work with David. He promised to follow the event, so now I’m committed to doing daily updates from Prague J

Minister O’Dowd, Me, Shane Laverty and David Young at Stormont

This year we have David Young from Limavady HS competing in the Educators track. As you’ll remember, David won 1st place for his submission in Northern Ireland and then went on to win 1st place in the European Forum which took place in Lisbon last March. You can view or download his Lisbon entry HERE. As a result of that win, he was automatically invited to compete in this year’s WW Global Forum. What has really impressed (and staggered) me is that David has taken his winning submission from NI and Lisbon and completely expanded his work into another new project call “Infinity Architecture”. His original Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT based on PowerPoint) showcased the work his students did in his classroom and the wider community. This updated submission has taken that amazing project to the next level and the students have become the teachers by working with a Primary School to deliver the kind of classroom work most teachers could only dream of. You can see David’s new and updated entry for Prague HERE. In his own words, his goal for the project was to:

  1. Equip students with real world skills and experiences
    1. Encourage individual & team learning, self-evaluation and reflection
    2. Motivate and encourage innovative design through to successful manufacture
    3. Raise pupil self-esteem, developed through individual project management engaging with the local community and further a field

Make sure you follow all of the updates and activities taking place at the Forum. You can follow us on this blog site where I will be doing daily updates (hopefullyJ). You can also follow us:





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