Global Forum- Day 1

Well, I’ve finally found a few minutes to try and get the 1st update out on everything that’s going on at the Worldwide Global Forum in Prague. It has been jam packed since we touched down on Tuesday and everyone is completely immersed in all that is taking place. On Wednesday day we had an early opportunity to see some of this amazing and beautiful city. The history and beauty of the buildings and streets is wonderful.

We had the official Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening in the grand ballroom of the Hilton Prague. The number are something like:

86 Countries are represented

679 Attendees

152 Teacher projects

You can follow and keep up to date by visiting the Facebook page HERE

And make sure to see the Photos and Videos which will be updated every day

You can idea an idea of how busy everyone is from this glimpse of the agenda. We have Teachers exhibiting and competing, Innovative School Leaders in workshops and Education Leaders attending a series of workshops and symposiums. Along with that there is a number of partner companies showcasing their wares.

We’ve already had some wonderful coverage for the Schools from Ireland attending the event and you can see that HERE

Be sure to follow the events and updates on my Twitter tag @tjinbelfast and on the event Hashtag #pilgf

Stay tuned-plenty more to follow J

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