Global Forum Day 2

Needless to say, this has been a jam packed couple of days and as we get ready for this evening’s Gala Dinner where the top 18 Teachers in the world will be announced, the excitement is really starting to kick in. The last round of exhibiting went on this morning where the attendees get to make their top picks, so it’s “Teachers judging Teachers”! The official judging finished last evening and they are all locked into a room making the winning choices to be announced this evening. To give you some idea of the scale of the competition I took some time this morning and put this very quick video together in case you’re interested. (Apologies in advance for it non-cinematic qualitiesJ)

There are still plenty of activities taking place throughout the day, especially with the Innovative Schools Track. They have been beavering away in their workshop and planning their collaborative and communal activities and tasks for the coming 12 months. This morning I met with the Partners in Learning Managers from the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark to plan the “Playful Learning” workshop for BETT which will take place in the Microsoft London offices on February 1st (more details for those interested to follow)

This evening the venue for the Gala Dinner will take place in the Prague Castle. We have been told that the last group to use the hall where the event is taking place was the President Obama visit, so our friends from around the world are very excited (as am I J).

There was a radio interview with David Young yesterday from the folks at ClickOnline in Dublin which will be available shortly. Along with that there was coverage from Merlin John, one of the media attendees from the UK. You can see Merlin’s article HERE

I may not be able to wrap up the event before I have to leave tomorrow, so make sure you follow my tweets @tjinbelfast and the event hashtag at #pilgf for all of the latest news J

And let’s make sure we’re all hoping for the best for David and his amazing entry. You can see a short vide HERE

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