10k A Day

In my post on May 9th I mentioned that I have a little metric I use to grow and learn on a daily basis. I call it the “10k a day” plan. From that blog:

I point out that I never even sat in front of a computer until I was 40!! Once I did, I made a promise to myself to “learn at least 1 new thing every day of my life”. It didn’t matter what it was as long as it was something that I felt made me a bit smarter and more competitive. To rationalize my thinking, I put a figure against any achievement. It could be something as simple as learning a new way to cut and paste or save a new RSS feed or something deeper like understand Cloud computing. Whatever I learn I say that I now have knowledge that “10,000” people don’t know. It was a random number choice but it works for me. I have been true to this for over 20 years and can smugly sit and say that every month I’m better informed or more knowledgeable that 300,000 people!! It’s quite satisfying in that context and I tend to forget there are over 6 billion people and I will never even know as much as I would like or even be the smartest guy in the room most of the time. Smile

So from now on all of my blogs and updates will have the 10k a day category because I never blog unless I have learned something new.

I will be working to put up many more shorter posts to share what I’ve come across in my day to day meandering in Education sites. I hope you will all find this both fun and informative.

Why not join the 10k a Day team and share with me!!

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